Top 9 Hidden Features Of Chrome Browser

Top 9  Hidden Features Of Chrome Browser

Today more than 50 percent of people worldwide use Chrome browser. This browser is not only popular on Android phones, but people also use Chrome browser on Windows PC or iPhone. This browser is light weight and has many features in it. 
Top 9  Hidden Features Of Chrome Browser
Top 9  Hidden Features Of Chrome Browser
Well, you can know many of these features, but today we are going to give you information about some features of the Chrome browser that are a bit hidden, but it is very useful for you.

1. Do not Track

Perhaps you know that whatever you surf on the internet is tracked. Immediately after surfing, similar surfing ads appear on your PC or mobile. However Google says that this tracking is for your improvement so that you can provide services. But if you do not want to keep track of what you are using on Chrome browser, you can use dot track. To enable it, go to browser settings and select Privacy tab. There will be an option to track the dot You will find this feature in both mobile and PC.

2. Make a mistake by closing the tab

It is often done that we are working on a PC, suddenly a required tab is closed. In this case, you open a new tab again and type url and then attach it. But after the tab is closed, you can click on the CE button and open the closed tab and simultaneously t.

3. Chrome App Store

You probably do not know Chrome has its own App Store, like Google App Store. When you run the browser on your PC, a colorful dot will appear on the left. As soon as you click on it, you will see a list of downloaded Chrome apps for your Chrome browser. With it, the web store will show up below. You can go to the app store and click. There are many apps available from Chrome to Games, which you can use as an extension.

4. Save offline page

On the Chrome browser, when you are working the internet, you can read anything. But I tell you that you can also save the page in offline so that when you do not have internet, you can read it. For this, first of all, you need to open the page in the online page and save it in PDF. First of all, go to the menu for this. The print option will appear there, click it. PDF option will come with print command and you save it. You can save it to internal memory or MicroSD card. You can read zoom in and pdf file, you can share it.

5. Incognito mode

This Chrome browser feature is also very useful for you. Through this, when you surf the Internet on PC or mobile, no one will be able to track your history. This feature will be very useful for you when using a PC, other phone or internet café. You will get the Incognito mode feature in the browser menu. It is also known as private browsing.

6. Turn off location

As you know, whatever you search or see on the Internet is all track. Similarly, your location is also tracked where you are. However, you can turn off the location if you wish. To do this, go to the browser menu and choose Settings from there. After this, you will find this option in pricier. The place's location will be shown. You can do this, websites and applications track your location during Internet use and provide the services you need.

7. Offline Games

This feature is also great work. Whether you're using a Chrome browser on a mobile or desktop When you want to live, you can play the game. However, I tell you that the game can not be played on the Internet but can be played on the Internet. You can play dinosaur games on mobile or PC on Chrome browser. As soon as the internet stops, the game will be on your PC or mobile. You can run it by navigating to the PC and touching on the mobile.

8. Direct Search

You probably do not know that while surfing the page you can search for words or sentences directly. You are on a page and keep touching the word that has to be searched for a while. Also, that word will come down with the Google logo below. Now you can search on the same page as you touch the Google logo below. This search comes in half.

9. Zoom

In mobile you use pinch to zoom but you do not get this option on the desktop. However, the browser can enable it. For that you have to go to browser settings and select access from there. Ensure that the force zoom will be available in it. However, now the desktop can be zoomed with a mouse and the trackpad can be zoomed on the laptop.