Samsung Gear S3 SmartWatch Review

Samsung Gear S3 SmartWatch Review

Samsung Gear S3 ($ 34.99) is the most aggressive Featured Smartwatch that you can buy for Android phones. It calls, plays music, runs apps, tracks steps, shows widgets, sends texts, and lets you pay with your credit card.
Samsung Gear S3 SmartWatch Review
Samsung Gear S3 SmartWatch Review
It's also waterproof and has a much better interface than Android Ware Smartwatch. But this is bigger, scope and expensive, and Samsung itself offers a better solution in the Gear S2 Classic.

Physical Features and Calling

Gear S3 comes in different models. Classic with a smooth bezel in silver or rose, and with the frontier, another bumpy look. There is also a LTE-compatible version of the Frontier sold by AT & T and T-Mobile, the only models that can support voice calls. Each person costs $ 349; AT & T charges $ 10 per month for SmartWatch service, and T-Mobile charges $ 5. We tested both carrier versions of the LTE Frontier, which connect with LTE on Band 2 and 5, which is lesser than T-Mobile's Band 12 and AT & T's band 17.

S3 Frontier measures 2.2 ounces of weight and 1.81 to 1.93 by 0.51 inch (HWD). Its body is very similar to the S2 classic, which is large, thick, and heavy. There is a rotating bezel in it (which is still to choose any Smartwatch from the menu of options), two buttons, and 1.3-inch, 360-by-60, 278ppi circular AMOLED touch screen. Burying in the setting is always an option, but I could not work it; It does not matter how I set it up, the screen time will expire and I will wait until I get inspired to highlight it again. You can not see the microphone and the speaker, but they are there, and they are surprisingly powerful. Underside, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, LTE, and GPS have a heart rate monitor.

Gear series works with Android phones. Although many features work independently, especially on the LTE-capable model, you need the Samsung Gear Accessories app to install new apps and see faces, and it is not available for iOS.

It's a taste, I believe, but I'm just going to say: I dislike the Gear S3 design. I do not like how big, heavy and heavy it is. I do not like sticky "athletic" silicon bands, which can be fortunately changed with any 22 mm band. After all, I think a smartwatch should not dominate your wrist like a dead star. I know that there are some people who like very big watches, but I am not one of them. Gear S2 Classic is far more manageable.

There is no headphone jack in the clock, although it connects to the wireless headphones. However, you can make most of your calls using built-in speakers. I found it more convenient for a smaller call than connecting a mess or headset for my phone. The quality of the call is surprisingly obvious by using HD voice on AT & T and T-Mobile networks.

Texting from Gear S2 and other smartwatch is less shorter, though it works when you are not close to your phone, which is a big difference from non-LTE units. Fortunately, you can still respond by using the preloaded quick responses, which you can edit in the gear app. You can also reply by recording short voice messages and sending them.

Operating Systems and Apps

S3 runs Samsung's Tezone operating system, which always has a clear UI compared to Android wires. It definitely goes missing on the face of the clock. Turn the bezel to the left for notifications. Make it right for the customization widget. They may include calendars, contacts, music players or various lenses on your health information. For the radial menu of all apps on the clock, press the button below; Hold Top button for Samsung Pay. This is similar to the applicability of Apple Watch in many ways, although I wish I could set bezel to rotate on my most used apps, because the widgets are contrary to the subset of available apps. S3 has 4 GB of storage, out of which 3 GB is available for add-ons app, music and image.

Gear's app store has evolved gradually over time. Most good apps are not free; They spend $ 1-5. There is a long list of the most amazing plus games, with lots of popular brands like Fruit Ninja, Crosse Road and Galaxian, which are all playable on the clock. Official apps for popular social networks like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are missing, beyond CNN, ESPN and Flipboard, there are better information and news apps, although low quality clone apps are available for social network management.

If you are tired of the physical UI, then you can use the S Voice to command the clock. When you say "Ok gear", it's launch, but I found that it often triggers unexpectedly and then starts writing random conversations, which is very disappointing. Otherwise, it lets you set timers and alarms, take notes and create calls and texts in completely hand-free mode.

Fitness Features

With its bumpy, IP 68 waterproof body, the Gear S3 is selling itself as a fitness tracker. (Samsung says it is dunable, but not for swimming). It is sufficient enough for both steps and upgrades. Compared to a FitBit Charge 2, I saw 887 steps at Gear S3 where Fitkit counted 884. Translates the change in height to the stairs in the clock clock, but unfortunately, it can not tell when you are on the escalator. (However, this is an easy way to make your daily ladder quota!).

You interact with your fitness data through Samsung's S Health app, which is preloaded on Samsung phones and is downloadable for other Android devices. It tracks a bunch of metrics, including steps, sleep, heart rate, water consumption, how many you run and how much you run or go, weight goals and much more. You can add additional plug-ins to sync with Knoem, Pier, Wings, or Signa. Unfortunately, S Health is not synchronized with other popular third-party fitness apps like MyFitnessPal, MapMyRun, Strava, or Runtastic. If you are already part of one of those huge fitness communities, then this could be a big debt.

Samsung pay

Samsung Pay Gear is one of the key features of the S3, and the Gear is one of its major differences from the S2. It's just a really weird, probable deal break problem.

Works with Samsung Pay Gear App; You have established your credit card in the app, and then you can pay by pressing your watch against the store's credit card reader. Since the clock uses both NFC and magnetic stripe technology, it works with traditional credit card readers. It should be spontaneous.

But if you want to use Gear S3 with Samsung Pay, you have to lock your watch with a pin. It's OK to tap a small pin on your watch when you want to pay for things. You expect it The problem is that the pin is now all the time. So every time you want to look beyond your watch looking at the time-every time you want to use a smart function-you end up in tap on the small screen to tap the pin. For this reason I left the use of Samsung Pay after one day.


If we were just doing features, Samsung Gear S3 would get more ratings than looking at the top of the page. But our idea on SmartWatch is that small, simple and clear is better. Pebble watches fit that bill, but the pebble is now gone. Gear S3 is huge, expensive and complex - it's a Microsoft Office of SmartWatch.

The difference between the Gear S3 classic and the LTE-enabled version of the Gear S2 Classic is quite cosmetic. Mostly, by choosing Gear S2, you lose the ability to use Samsung Pay with altimeter, barometer, and non-NFC-based credit card machines. In return, you save $ 100 and do not need to wear a huge honking watch on your wrist. In your non-LTE form, you also lose calling and GPS, but the possibility of being able to shout in your wrist such as Dick Tracy is more likely to be compared to the real-time facility.


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