Samsung Galaxy Tab E Review

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Review

When we basically reviewed £ 140 Samsung Galaxy Tab E in 2015, we found that it is somewhat sluggish, medium battery life and sub-paragraph display. It was quite a competition at that time, by 2018, it went faster and now there is more to compete with the £ 120 tablet.
Samsung Galaxy Tab E Review
Samsung Galaxy Tab E Review
For example, the cost of Amazon Fire HD 8 is only £ 80, while the £ 130 Vodafone smart tab N8 has a bigger screen and 4G connectivity. Both Galaxy Tab E provide better value for money with comparable specs. We would instead suggest looking at these options.

The Galaxy Tab E shows the age of when you turn it on. The first signal is in the software: This tablet is still running Android 4.4 KitKat, which is now positively anticipated compared to the modern Android 6 Marshmallow and Android 7 Nugget operating system. It has not been updated, nor will it - which damages it on other tablets.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Display

Consequently, the tab E turns older than E, and it is definitely not helped by its low resolution of 1,280 x 800. 9.6in, spread over 16: 9 display, the text is clearly granular and curved icons making tabs very hard on the eyes for long. Of course, we've recently seen other budget tablets with the same resolution - especially Amazon Fire HD 8 - but in case of fire, those pixels are spread over very small displays, resulting in higher pixel density, and Partially higher tension

Tab E's screen quality is not very good, either. Our theater has shown that this SRBB color is capable of displaying 60.8% of color, which is below average, even for budget tablets, and this means that the colors will not look as vibrant as they can. At least it is bright, a top 409 CD / M2 hitting a top white level, which is adequate for external use (although probably not in direct, bright sunlight), and contrast ratio 1,085: 1 Is respectable.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Performance

It's not the latest tablet, so it's probably impossible to understand that its quad-core 1.3GHz spreadsheet SC 8830 processor and 1.5 GB RAM are not the fastest or most advanced processors. It is sluggish in everyday use, web browsing was a great stop-start, and it was also not compatible with the Geekbench 4 benchmark to make matters even worse, making it difficult to compare with recent budget tablets.

This GFXbench was not able to run the GL's Manhattan Test 3, which is not well suited for its overall longevity. If it seems slow now, then this line will feel less than that year or less. However, I was able to play a fairly smooth game of Threes, which proves that it is capable of handling simple games.

It competed properly with Netflix and BBC iPlayer streaming. Just keep in mind that Galaxy Tab E comes with only 8 GB internal storage (which is available for 5 GB users), so you can invest in MicroSD card to create more space for your various downloads.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Battery Life

Battery life was quite decent, but then, other tablets have been better managed in the past. With our screen set on standard standard of 170 CD / M2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab E lasted 8 hours 52 minutes in our continuous video playback test, so there should be enough stamina to maintain a better part of the day. However, it is still palace compared to the Fire HD 8, which was impressive in 13hrs 4mins under the same conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Tab E Camera

For the quality of the camera, well, as I expect from a budget Android tablet, which says that it is not particularly effective. While the 2-megapixel front-facing camera is a bus service for Skype calls and likewise, the 5-megapixel sensor at the rear is poorly equipped to deal with either indoor or outdoor photography, blurred production, no noise shots colours.


The Galaxy Tab E can be relatively cheap at around £ 120, but there are better options on the market right now. Amazon's new Fire HD 8 is very cheap, has better battery life and provides better experience for young users, while Vodafone Smart Tab N8 offers the cheapest 4G tablet on the market.