Lenovo Miix 510 Laptop Review

Lenovo Miix 510 Laptop Review

The best Windows tablets are definitely here to stay. There are various types of device able devices on the market that use Windows 10 as tablets and desktop OSs. And, of course, Microsoft has made just a few
Lenovo Miix 510 Laptop Review
Lenovo Miix 510 Laptop Review
While the new Surface Pro is Microsoft's latest, the Lenovo Miix 510 Acer switch is close to Alpha 12 or Surface Pro 4.

Lenovo Miix 510 compiles with a 7th generation Kabi lake processor, 8 GB Ram, and 256 GB SSD Mix 700 (yes, we know, just roll with it). There are cheaper alternatives, but we trust, it is one to buy.

The Lenovo Miix 510's design center is on two watch-style tings that give you more control and flexibility than the surface pro when coming towards the angle of Pick station - and the screen. Included keyboard cover - something you do not even see with Surface Pro - is another big advantage.

Like the previous iterations, the latest Miix Hybrid comes with an active pen. Windows 10 has a lot of functionality for Windows Ink features nowadays, and they are a necessary add-on for any tablet that takes itself seriously. However, Lenovo's stylus is not connected to the device via a magnet, although there is a pen loop on the slipcase contained in it.

Price and Availability

For $ 599 (£ 750, AU $ 600), this device has Intel Core i3 version, which also includes half volume storage and storage.

Core i3 version will be more than perfect for most basic tasks, but if you are looking at any type of photo or video editing, then we would recommend Core i5. At the time of writing, you were looking at $ 669, £ 849, AU $ 750 for this device.

Surface Pro 4 came down in price (potentially due to the arrival of the Surface Pro) but the equivalent model still revolves around $ 729 / £ 899, so when you keep in mind that the surface does not come, then one With key premium type cover keyboard

Depending on where you look, Acer switch Alpha 12 is around the same price, Acer has recently announced a new version.

Now, while the Lenovo Miix 510 has been discontinued by the manufacturer, you can still get great deals on the upgraded version.


Mix 510 is a well-designed tablet hybrid. It is not to say that it is a stoner, but it looks distinctive and those watchbands-style durables give it a definite thing. Separable keyboard with optional backlight also doubles as a protective faux leather folio case, which works quite well and is good for catching. This is more premium-felt and mature relationship than Microsoft's Surface Pro 4 type cover, which is not included for free, unlike Lenovo's version.

Side Control - Particularly Power Button - There is a little plastic, but this is a minor complaint.

Without a keyboard cover, the weight of the Miix 510 is only 900 grams. It is ok to hold in one hand, so that the other is left to draw or write on the display. This means that you want to brace it against something or you want to put it on a flat surface before a very long time.

Lenovo Keyboard Cover Lenovo's Aqua-type-style key, which is slightly curved with the bottom edge. They are adequate in size but the surface does not travel quite a lot as Pro 4 cover, and when you have a lot of words to type in, it does not make a great experience.

The biggest problem is that we found a little flex on the keyboard. And if you are in any way a hard typist (device makers seem to be less and less catering), then the keyboard bounces rather angry. Light typing is always good, but we think you should be a little fragile here.

Elsewhere, the bezel surrounding the display looks quite broad, but they are not too much and they do not look like the device in any way. On the contrary, the tablet looks sleek and professional. Naturally, you would expect a device with this price in the ballpark, but there is no disappointment.


Lots of things about display here - black is black and the colors are vibrant.

It is also really excellent to see angles, and this is a big advantage for anybody using this 2-in-1 for collaborative work. What is a little more of a problem, which sticks to full HD?

You remember, when we say that this is a problem, we actually mean that it is an issue compared to the other tablets as well as choice.

Surface Pro 4 and Acer Switch 12 Feature 2.160 x 1,440 resolution both. In use, there is no problem using full HD on this MIXT 510. It depends on how much you are determined to keep the glasses in the best range in each department.

Since we are looking at the Intel Core i5 version of Miix 510 here, the performance is not really an issue. The 'daily' power is on offer.

Naturally, you are not talking about gaming performance, but faster between PCI SSD and processor, we tried to have no problem with any kind of employment work.

Apart from this, there is a lot of interest in entertainment performance and we really like Miix 510 to watch movies with Kickstarter.

Speaking of kickstands, this is an effective bit of industrial design from Lenovo. The ability to grind the device at almost any angle is a real boon. Somewhere else, the edges of the device are covered by general fans and speaker grills plus ports, but everything is well integrated, in which power, USB-C and USB3.0 are on one side and power, volume and 3.5 mm headphone jack other Are on.

It is unbelievable that USB 3.0 ports now look oddly bigger than every other cable connector.

Finding writing is fast enough to reduce notes, and the pen itself is thin enough to stay comfortable for long periods.


In our benchmark tests, the Mix 510 was well mixed. The performance was good, multi-core Geekbench tests and 3D Mark scores are comparable in understanding for other equally operated competitors.

However, the battery life was significantly lower than others in the market, at least the Surface Pro 4 and Acer Aspire Switch Alpha 12. We have spoken here earlier - Surface Pro 4 on our propelled technoid video playback test lasted for 35 minutes. In the meantime, Pro 4 rigid PC Mark 8 runs on battery testing for 18 minutes.

It's great to incorporate USB-C in any way - Lenovo has also provided options with legacy USB support - but we prefer to see the USB-C charger instead of the round-end standard charger found here. next time. Although it's a good light, compact power brick. Since Microsoft is still ignoring USB-C inadvertently, this is a definite plus for the mixer on the surface. Microsoft still feels that people are not ready for the USB-C, but Apple does not seem to have many problems in assuring people.

Although MicroSD port is not included in Lenovo; Our book is astonishing but not a break-breaker. As you would expect, you will get a 2 megapixel front camera for video calling, as well as the decent 5 megapixel unit will be a decent backwards. Dual microphones cancel background noise and we had no problem understanding the call.