How to Increase WiFi Signal Strength with Your Laptop

How to Increase WiFi Signal Strength with Your Laptop

How to Increase WiFi Signal Strength with Your Laptop
How to Increase WiFi Signal Strength with Your Laptop

Boost your home WiFi signal power using your laptop

If you find yourself near the wifi network coverage area or near its edge, where the signal becomes weak, then you have to expand your WiFi range or increase the power of the WiFi signal.

Generally, most people call for WiFi Reaper, a more powerful router in case of wireless transmit power or WiFi boosters. Most WiFi Repeaters, Boosters, or Expanders are hardware devices for which bundles are spent, and complex setup steps are required to get them. In addition, if you want to increase the WiFi signal while traveling, for example, you are looking to move another device with you to stay connected.

But there is an easy way: WiFi Reaper Software! Read below to see how to increase WiFi signal strength using only your laptop!

How to Increase WiFi Signal Strength: Why You Need a True WiFi Repeater / Booster / Extender App

With a multitude of networking tools to increase WiFi network coverage, there are software applications to promote WiFi signals.

Although some of these WiFi extensions are also free to use applications, they also increase the power of WiFi signal without bridging. This means that the clients included in the WiFi hotspot you created using the software do not receive the actual IP address from the shared network. They can go to the internet through the hotspot, but they are not really on the network to do any peer-to-peer networking.

Therefore, the game console will report problems like NAT, Chromecast app will not get your Chromecast, your Apple TV will not be shown to stream your Mac ... and the list is continuing.

How to Boost a WiFi Signal with Connectify Hotspot True WiFi Extender App

How to increase the wifi signal strength of your home WiFi network, but do not want to go through the hassle of installing hardware wifi reporter/ booster/extender or buying another wireless router? At the same time, do you need the same advanced features as the router?

The solution is simple: Use the Connectivity Hotspot Virtual Router Software! This allows you to create WiFi repeater to increase WiFi signal strength with just a few clicks ... and it also has advanced networking features that you can configure for compatibility with different devices ... and, most Well, no extra hardware is necessary!

Connectivity Hotspot uses your laptop's wireless card or WiFi adapter of your PC to give your existing WiFi network the signal boost needed to reach the signal out in your home or office.

To find out, watch the tutorial video below to see how you can convert your laptop to WiFi Reporter and increase your existing wireless network limit on click-of-a-button. All Free With Connectivity Hotspot Reaper Software!

How to increase WiFi signals in 4 easy steps

Step 1: Click here to get Connectivity Hotspot MAX

Step 2: Once installed, click on the WiFi Reaper Mode button at the top of the Connectivity Hotspot interface

Step 3: Choose WiFi Network which you want to repeat to repeat with Wi-Fi network

Step 4: Finally, click the 'Start Hotspot' button and connectivity hotspot will immediately start working as repeater software to extend your WiFi signal

Hotspot Gets You Much More then a Stronger WiFi Signal

  • What else can you do besides increasing your WiFi signal strength with Connectivity Hotspot?
  • Save Internet Bandwidth up to 60% using a built-in universal ad blocker. This app also blocks ads-ads!
  • Bring other devices easily over your home network with WiFi bridging mode: eliminate all game consoles (Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox) and Smart TV issues with your game WiFi network!
  • Save money while traveling: Get all the tools online at the hotel, on an airplane, etc., for every internet device charged on the airplane.
  • Share any type of internet connection with all your devices: share existing WiFi network, LAN, DSL, 3G / 4G, even smartphone with internet!