Do you know these Gmail features

Do you know these Gmail features

There are so many features in Gmail, with the help of which you can simplify many of your tasks. Let’s learn about these features:

Do you know these Gmail features
Do you know these Gmail features
Features - 1

Heavy file via Google Drive, if you want to send attachments more than 25 MB via Gmail, you can not send it, but this is another way. Google Drive lets you send files up to 15 GB The attachments you want to send should be on your Google Drive. After that, you should have seen the use of 2. Signature on Mailing Composer. Many people have their names, address, post names, etc. with their mail. It does not need to be written repeatedly with every match. It connects itself with every mail. Follow this route to set it to Settings> Signature> Enter the text> Save changes

Features - 2

 If you are on vacation, autoresponder, if you are going on a long vacation and you feel that you will not be able to see or answer the incoming mail during this time, then you can use this setting in your Gmail. Anyone who will send you the mail during the holidays on the Vacation Responder, Gmail will automatically reply to it that you are on leave and will be able to see the mail only after coming to this date. The Vacation Responder starts at 12 o’clock on the start date and ends at 11:59 pm on the end date. Here’s how to turn it on: Settings> Vacation responder> On here, let us know what you want to give, and then save changes.

Features - 3

A message sent back often happens that we send an email by mistake. In such cases, it seems as if pressing the button of the sand can be prevented. Gmail has the solution to this problem too. If you miss your mistake after a few seconds of sending, you can stop it. To do this, follow this setting: Settings> Undo Send> Enable> Here you have to give the time, as long as you want Gmail to keep your mail in a check.

Features - 4

 Find Spellcheck. MS Word also has a spell check facility, but do you know that Gmail also gives you such a facility? Gmail can highlight your mail mistakes. To use this feature, there is a drop-down menu in the compose window at the bottom of the discarded draft in the side. Clicking on it will show you check to spell. Turn it on. After whatever type of mail, you type it will be yellow in any place where there is a mistake. Here you can also see Gmail’s suggestions for improving that mistake.

Features - 5 

 Big File Search You have to empty your Gmail, but you do not know which are the heaviest files, which are deleted. You can search it. Suppose you need a list of mail whose size is 20 MB or greater. To do this, type in Gmail’s search bar: “Large: 20MB” After searching, you will see a list of emails larger than 20 MB. Similarly, you can search for other heavy mails too.

Features - 6

 Star to Color With the color mail, the stars you are using can be colorful. For this, go to Settings and go to the Stars section in the General tab. Here you can drag and drop stars in In Use category from Not in Use category. Once you have completed this task, please come and save this page.

Features - 7

Archive This is a feature that lets you remove any mail from the mailbox, but still, the mail will remain in your account and you will find it after searching. For this, open the mail you want to archive. Then click on Archive.