10 Ways to Find New RSS Subscribers for Your Blog

10 Ways to Find New RSS Subscribers for Your Blog

Unfortunately, many bloggers undermine the value of these faithful members of their blog readers. But the fact of the fact is that the more customers you can choose in your blog, the more you can expand the top of your funnel, and the more people you are coming to your website. So if you have not put too many calories in your blog to increase the customer base, then consider these 20 simple ways to attract more 'regular' to your blog.
10 Ways to Find New RSS Subscribers for Your Blog
10 Ways to Find New RSS Subscribers for Your Blog
Your customers are your most important assets and even if you lose your blog, you will still be able to find them. Getting a Blog Subscriber can be a challenge, especially if you are a new blogger, and this post gives tips about how to get more subscribers to your blog. "How to Get More RSS Feed Subscribers for Your Blog"

1- Find an RSS Subscriber Using Google Reader-

Google Reader You can also use Google Reader to check the blog's RSS subscribers. This method will be useful when your desired blog is not using the FeedBurner service. These numbers are approximate because they include RSS client base of Google Reader, iGoogle and Google Desktop users only, which are determined by Google FeedFetcher. You can also use Google Reader to track your comments on the web.

2- Ask for a subscription from the blog reader-

You should create special posts to increase your customers on your blog. You should ask your blog readers to subscribe to your blog RSS in those blogs and give some solid reasons why they should do this work. Even in your regular post, you can give your blog readers a chance to subscribe to your blog RSS in your readers or give some pointers directly to your email box.

In addition, you should write educational posts on the RSS feed, such as RSS feeds, how to subscribe to RSS feeds and how to add RSS feeds to blogs, websites, Facebook etc. When you understand your blog readers about RSS feeds and related terms, every chance that they will subscribe to your blog.

3- Networking-

This is probably the most overlooked strategy for getting traffic and customers. Do not spoil other bloggers for links, because it rarely works. Find a way to help them with something, and then eventually work that initial grace in business relations and even friendship. There are real people behind these blogs, and they respond to good wishes like being offline.

4- Use Multiple Methods to Promote Your Feed

There is no rule on how many times this link can be linked to your feed on this page. If changing readers to RSS readers, it is a priority to consider the priority points for you. For example, in the Problogger I have FeedBurner Counter (which has little animation and pulls the eye), I have the Bloglines Customer Button (as I know blog line readers make most of those people in pursuit of this blog) and I also have a subscribed page link which I know many readers use it.

5- Create a Dedicated Subscription Landing Page

In addition to the subscribed module on your blog, create a dedicated landing page so that you can direct people to social media, other pages on your website, PPC or other channels, such as email. Instead, instead of saying, "go to myblog.com, then look for customer options at the top right.

You know - just below the banner CTA," you can say "go to myblog.com/subscribe, our latest blog Be the first to get the content! "You can also use additional real estate on this page to better reflect the value of your blog, as we can see from the blog's membership landing page of Hubspot.

6- Comment on Other Blogs

I have not had much respect for the power of the blog so far. Every now and then, I get an email from my readers that they tell me how they love my work and they have discovered their blog from a particular blog. Blog comments can be a great way to effect your blog clients, have been given some tips below to increase your blog customers by using blog comments. Link directly to your landing page or view your feed URL in your blog comments, this will make it easier for people to subscribe to your blog.

7- Write a blog post Daily-

Nobody does love to subscribe to passive blogs. To generate additional traffic from search engines and to increase customer count, you should publish high-quality posts on your blog on a regular basis. When we talk about the number of posts published on our blog, then there is no minimum post for the daily types of criteria.

 It all depends on your ability to write high-quality posts. If you can deliver 3-4 quality posts in a day, then it will be final. But when you create a post, you should focus on the topics that you want to cover on your blog. If you blog about anything at random, then come.

8- Post in forums

Have tried one and the right technique is to be an assistant, active participant in the important forums in your niche since the beginning of the internet. People will see that you are presenting yourself to others, and would be willing to see what else to offer with your blog.

9- Run an advertising campaign

The blogger I worked with last year, he was running an AdWords campaign to promote his feed (with some success). He created a landing page for his blog that had set a target for those who came in loyal readers through the RSS and its newsletter. The results were really exciting and were a great way to launch your new blog. Actually, it was so meaningful that he was putting a few dollars a day into a simple AdWords campaign to promote his blog.

10- RSS Feed Directories

There are hundreds of RSS feed directories available where you can submit your blog RSS free. Submissions of your blog RSS in these directories will help you spread words about your blog and its latest content on the Internet. With this, it will also help you to improve the graph of your RSS customers.