10 Tips for Driving Targeted Traffic With Twitter

10 Tips for Driving Targeted Traffic With Twitter

Twitter is one of the latest and best Web 2.0 apps and has lots of traffic. However, from the perspective of an SEO expert, it is more important that Twitter can also get you much traffic. Therefore, if you still do not have an account with Twitter, you will open better Twitter, it is easy to use and this is why it became so popular.
10 Tips for Driving Targeted Traffic With Twitter
10 Tips for Driving Targeted Traffic With Twitter
Twitter is now modern, so enjoy this moment. Even Twitter's creators also believe that with MySpace and other Web 2.0 sensations, Twitter will essentially get out of fashion, so hurry up and now get some traffic, when it's still weather rage.

Using Twitter is easy, yet it is really powerful. You may need a few hours to get familiar with Twitter's basic functionality, and you can use your power to get acquainted with some of its extra features, even if you do not know it well. Unlike many other places, you can get free traffic, Twitter is a microblogging platform, which means that there are restrictions on the number of characters in a message. Therefore, you should be less in your tweets and use your place wisely. Apart from being brief, here are some more tips to help you get traffic

1- Make your Twitter profile interesting

Your profile and your username are the first two things that go to your visitor page when they visit your Twitter page. If your profile looks boring, people will not be bothered to read your tweets, do not mention that you go to the link posted by them. You can not write your very long bio, but you can enter a few words about yourself - that means your business, your interests, etc. You can also include some keywords in your bio.

2- Pick a niche-targeted username

Your username is also very important. You need to choose a targeted username on your niche. For example, if you are promoting your SEO services and want to drive traffic to your SEO site, then you can choose something like Seamaster, SEOGuru, SEO Services etc. Your username will show in other users' searches and this is why you have to pay attention to what you choose.

3- Put your site/blog URL in your profile

According to some statistics, 80% of tweets do not provide a URL in their bio! Well, maybe these people are not SEO experts/internet marketers and they do not need this traffic but you can not remember this as an SEO expert. So, do not forget to include your URL in your profile!

4- Send the link to your profile to your friends, coworkers, and acquaintances

Your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances will be your most loyal visitors, so if they do not know about your Twitter page, they know what they are losing. If you have an email or know your accounts on other networks, you can send invitations to a large scale.

5- Search for Twitter users with similar interests

You can have millions of friends, but more followers are always welcome. This is the reason why you can use search functions on Twitter and find people with similar interests. Find as much as you can and invite them all. These people cannot be loyal to your friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, but you will still get hit by them. Some Twitter users report that 1-2% of their followers go to their site one day, which means that if you have 1,000 followers, then you expect to receive at least 10 or 20 visits to your site. can do. This reaction rate may seem low, but there are ways to increase it.

6- Socialize on Twitter as much as you can

When you are active on Twitter, reply to the post of your followers and go to their links, this increases your chances that you will get the same in return. In one word, actively follow those who follow you.

7- Tweet regularly

With all other media types, if you want to keep your audience, you have to feed it regularly. It takes only a few seconds to write a short tweet, but it is enough to keep your followers happy. It goes without saying that you should tweet about useful things, so if you have nothing or meaning to post about your site, then posting a link to an article, video, blog etc. Okay. You found on the net and you liked.

8- Do not spam

You can feel that every user on Twitter is interested in you and your blog/site but it is not quite right. You can be motivated to create as many users as you know about your twitter page and your latest tweets, but you want to avoid seeing it better, as long as you do not want to see that you are prohibited Whether you can get it or not.

9- Make Twitter Search love you

Twitter has a great search function and its main advantage is that it provides real-time results. Google may be fast on indexed pages but its index is not real time. Users are hungry for hot news, and nothing realizes the real-time search. Many bloggers report that they are getting more traffic from Twitter than Google, and partly due to the fact that their tweets are popular and users find them easily.

10- Add Twitter gadgets to your site

There are many Twitter gadgets and new days are being released every day. The good thing about twitter gadgets is that your blog visitors can become your Twitter followers. If your Twitter followers have many followers, then it is likely that some of these followers will notify you and will be involved in your network. As we've already mentioned, building a large and targeted network is important to get more Twitter traffic on your site.

These are some of the main ways in which you can get traffic from Twitter. If you are creative and if you are running on Twitter and whether the new Twitter gadget has been released, you will definitely find more ways to drive traffic from Twitter.


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