Raise these 6 ways to get your smartphone’s battery life

Raise these 6 ways to get your smartphone’s battery life

Raise these 6 ways to get your smartphone's battery life
Raise these 6 ways to get your smartphone’s battery life

There are frequent multi-feature additions in smartphones, but users have complained about the battery. After heavy use, it can barely get the full day, even if the battery is too mAh.

1. Use auto brightness on screen

Smartphone’s screen uses the most battery in comparison to any other part. So if you want it to use less energy, reduce the brightness for it. During an hour of testing, it was seen that the iPhone 6S finished a 54 percent lower battery than the minimum brightness compared to the maximum brightness. Many times, having less brightness in more light or sunlight etc. does not show anything in the screen. So auto-brightness mode should be turned on, which sets the brightness of the screen according to the surrounding light.

2. Focus on email settings

Email also has more impact on battery If you use multiple email accounts simultaneously or receive a lot of email, then more data is used. You get instant notifications of fresh emails via Push Name technology. Because of push, more battery is used because it always keeps waiting for new messages. So if you get a lot of emails then your battery will also be used more.

3. Play music downloaded instead of streaming

Nowadays, the trend of using the online music streaming app to listen to songs is increasing. They are convenient, but the batteries also use more. 10% of battery usage was used for Wi-Fi in the wirecator’s test for 2 hours of music streaming. This music downloaded on mobile played up to 2 hours, consuming only 5 per cent of battery consumption. The good thing is that some apps also allow you to download songs and play offline.

4. Turn off Wi-Fi signal if offensive

You might have noticed that the place where the Wi-Fi or mobile network is weak, the battery is quickly over there. This happens because more costs are spent in finding the energy signal. Try to find a better connection. Use the mobile data if Wi-Fi is weak.

5. Check, where the battery is being spent

In the iPhone and Android systems, you can check which apps are using more battery. If a worthless app is doing this, remove it immediately. By going into settings you can go to the Battery menu to see what the amount of battery the app is charging.

6. Turn off location tracking

Many apps keep asking for location information from you. With the help of GPS, they find out where you are. It also has battery expense. You can turn off GPS if you do not need it. Apart from this, you can prevent GPS access by accessing a particular app’s settings. In the iPhone, you will go to the privacy menu and go to Location Services. Go to the app by going to Settings in the Android and disable the Location Permissions by going inside the permissions.

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