Make your choice of audio from YouTube in these ways

Make your choice of audio from YouTube in these ways

Make your choice of audio from YouTube in these ways
Make your choice of audio from YouTube in these ways

In today’s time YouTube has become a better platform for Music Lovers. People now prefer to search songs on YouTube rather than go to any song sites. Sometimes it happens that when you like a song and you start thinking about saving it in the music list of your phone. But due to technical knowledge, they can not do this. In this way, we will try to tell you through this news about how you can download any music audio and save it to your phone’s device.

Step 1. Download ATube Catcher

To download audio only from YouTube videos, you first have to download aTube Catcher. For this you go to aTube Catcher’s website and download the software. After the software is installed, open the program and follow the instructions given in it.

2. Select and download songs of choice

After installing the software, download any song you like from YouTube to a computer. It can download in two ways. When you launch YouTube Catcher, you will see many more options with “Screen Capture”, “Video Converter”. Among the options available in this, we choose mostly two options ‘Download Video’ and ‘Song’.

“Download Videos” option

If you choose the Download Video option, you will have to find the tracks you want to download to YouTube. Visit the website for this, find a song you like and copy its URL address.

After copying the URL, then open the YouTube Catcher and paste it into the “URL del Video” box. After this, select one of the MP3 options in the “Output Profile” drop-down menu and click on the “Download” button.

After this, a pop-up will appear on your screen, in which you have to choose one of the formats provided there. In this, you will only get three options which are MP4, WebM, or 3GPPP. Of these, select MP4 format and click on download. You will be able to search all your tracks in the downloads folder that you made during installing YouTube Catcher, which you can change whenever you want.

“Music” option

Music is another way to download tracks from youtube. This is an easy way to compare the first option. Instead of going to YouTube, you can see songs on aTube Catcher. In this, all you have to do is click on the “Music” option, after that, in the “Hot Search” box, search the name of the song or by the name of Artist and click on the “Search MP3!” Button.

After all this process you will see a list of video / sound. To select the song you want to listen click on the play button on the top left. If you want to download it, click “Download Selected” and select “Save” to download it on your PC.

Step 3: Make a song in your Android device

After downloading the audio of your choice from youtube, its second process begins. You have to transfer downloaded MP3s to your Android device for this. All you have to do is upload the song to a service like Google Drive and then download them to your device via the Android app. Also, you can transfer your Music Library via USB cable as well.

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