Keep these Facebook safe, secure and private with these 5 tips

Keep these Facebook safe, secure and private with these 5 tips

Keep these Facebook safe, secure and private with these 5 tips
Keep these Facebook safe, secure and private with these 5 tips

There will be a lot of people in Facebook Friendlink, whom you do not know much. It is therefore important that you keep your profile clean and safe. Update your security and privacy settings so that people around you can not find enough information about you. Delete any games and apps from your accounts that you no longer use.

1. Secure your account

You should keep your password very difficult. This is very important for email and social networking sites. From the app you are recharging through a Facebook account, you can use many other applications. So if someone else’s account is linked to Facebook, then the account will also be unsafe.
Go to safety and go to account settings. Login will be the choice of acceptance here. Whenever you turn it on, whenever you login with a new device, you will have to enter the code sent to the mobile number. Without this, you will not be able to use it on a new device. In this way no other device will be able to login on your Facebook.

2. Review your privacy settings

There are some privacy shortcuts in Facebook. On laptop or desktop you will see a small lock in the browser’s upper right corner. You will find this app on the app or on the Android app.
There is a shortcut in “Who can see my stuff?” In this you can see how you are showing the stuff to whom. You can control this by changing the settings here. If you want to see whatever content you just see, friends should change their settings instead of public. By going to “Timeline and Tagging” you can make such settings that anyone who tags you in any photo etc., only after your approval it appears in the timeline.

3. Unfriend

Unfreeze those friends who are not in touch with you or those who are unaware of them. If you feel misunderstood, then put them in the “Acquaintances” or “Restricted” list.
“Acquaintances” means that their posts will not appear in your news feed, but those people will be able to see the posts that you have shared for friends. “Restricted” means that they will only be able to see your public posts. This method is more effective. They will also be in your friendlist, but you will not be able to gather more information about yourself. In the same way you can make a list of College Friends, Family or Collegues. Open Facebook on computer and click on More in front of friends in front of friends. From here you will be able to manage these lists.

4. Delete Spam Apps

It may be that some years ago someone has invented you to play a game or you are playing a game too. If you do not play those games now, they may still have access to your data. Remove such an app immediately. For this go away in the Privacy Checkup tool on the desktop browser and remove the extra money. If you use the app then go to Apps and click on Apps.

5. Control your data

Whose posts are to be seen more, to whom less or whose bisks are not seen, you can manage it by going to “News Feeds Preferences”. This setting will appear on the top right in the browser and the Android app and in the lower right on the iPhone. Here you can choose the friends who will always see you top. You can completely hide the posts of some friends. If you are concerned about data being used by the video itself, then go to App Settings in Android and close Autoplay. In iPhone, it will be found in Videos and Photos in Account Settings.

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