How to Improve Your Business Productivity

Increasing competition in the business has raised the demand for efficient functioning, which has enabled companies to strategise ways of improvement in their functional procedures. In fact, growth in the business is a collective effort that can only be achieved if the link between employer and employees is string.No matter what your company does, improving the productivity of your work force can boost your bottom line. Doing more with fewer resources is a fact of life in today’s competitive business environment, and that dynamic is not likely to change anytime soon. That means the companies that can get the most productivity from every worker and the best results from limited resources are the most likely to succeed in the long run. Accordingly, businesses need to look for tools to help their workers become more productive. This is especially important for new startups, where the margin for error is less than generous. Some suggested tools to try-

Maintain connectivity with the Employees
This does not mean that the employer should keep poking in the working proficiency of an employee. Rather, they should keep asking about their problems in work or anything that is required by them to improvise on quality. In this manner, employers will get to know what an employee wants from the organisation and are they being given the things as per their requirements. This will ensure the employees that their boss is concerned about them and takes initiative towards understanding their issues.

Take care of your team
You need to look not only at absenteeism, but also measure how productive employees are when they come to work (if you can measure something, you can determine whether or not you’re making progress). There are dozens of programs that you can introduce to help increase health and wellness levels at your company. Some examples include subsidized healthy meals and exercise programs, ergonomic furniture and keyboards, brighter colors, new plants and hand sanitizers in the office.

Motivate your employees using technology
Based upon the information gathered in an online performance evaluation, managers can compare current skills with those required for advancement or other recognition or reward opportunities that present themselves as the manager tracks progress on employee goals throughout the year. You may also find you need to redirect employees to different departments if you feel their business productivity could increase elsewhere. If there are impediments to better performance, the company should review why it is happening and try to eliminate these through better allocation of resources or additional training.

Quit multitasking
While we tend to think of the ability to multitask as an important skill for increasing efficiency, the opposite may in fact be true. Psychologists have found attempting to do several tasks at once can result in lost time and productivity. Instead, make a habit of committing to a single task before moving on to your next project.

Internet Filtering
The Internet can be a powerful tool for business, but it also can be a major time drain for companies of all sizes. Allowing your employees unfettered access to the Internet can be a real productivity drain–you might find that your workers spend more time on FaceBook and eBay than on their actual jobs. While proper management can mitigate these time wasters somewhat, blocking popular non-work related sites can be just as effective.

Focus on creating value at work
Identify one habit, one action that you do daily that is detracting from your productivity, then remove it. Once you do that, you’ll be headed in the right direction. Even better, replace that habit with something that has value. Humor is one such idea: Studies show that humor can actually increase workplace productivity.

Follow Up the Set Targets
Generally, some employers think that their task gets over after setting the goals for employees to perform. This approach may lead to communicative issues. So, it is necessary for the employers to follow up on the task segregated to the employees. In this manner, the employers will come to know the loop holes existing in the working procedure and tools required to improvise on efficiency. By keeping a track of the work given to employees, the company owner will get to know an employee’s performance and measures to be taken on witnessing poor efficiency. Proper follow up will enable the company to increase the individual productivity.

Use Communication Tools
Modern workers are quite comfortable with all kinds of communication tools, from text messaging and online chats to older style electronic formats such as email and bulletin boards. Companies can harness the power of communication to enhance productivity by simply providing workers with the right tools. Adding a work-friendly instant messaging program allows employees to communicate with one another without wasting time with desk visits and missed connections. Using the calendar features of an email program makes scheduling meetings faster, easier and more productive. By harnessing these tools, business owners can enhance productivity and cut costs.

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