How To Easily Control a Remote PC From Anywhere

Suppose you are away from your office or home and if you have to edit any necessary files in your computer, what will you do? Do not panic if you are anywhere on this computer, you can recover it by accessing your laptop or PC from any computer. If you want to gain access to someone else’s computer or your computer or give access to your computer to someone sitting away, then you have some desktop tools. These programs allow you to connect your computer safely through another device. You can control your computer completely from any place. Here in this report we will tell you how you can get access to your computer easily sitting away.

Remote PC

RemotePC for good or bad is a simpler free remote desktop program. You are only allowed one connection but for many of you, that’ll be just fine.Download and install Remote Pc on the PC that will be accessed remotely. Windows and Mac are both supported.Share the Access ID and Key with someone else so that they can access the computer.Alternatively, you can create an account with Remote Pc and then log in on the host computer to add the computer to your account for easy access later.
There are two ways to access the RemotePC host from a different computer. The first is through the RemotePC program that you install on your computer. Enter the host computer’s Access ID and Key to connect to and control the host, or even just to transfer files.
Another way you can use Remote Pc from the client’s perspective is through the iOS or Android app. Follow the download link below to get Remote Pc installed on your mobile device.You’ll be able to receive sound from the remote PC, record what you’re doing to a video file, access multiple monitors, transfer files, and text chat. Some of those features aren’t available if the host and client computers are running different operating systems.

Apple and Microsoft Tools

Both Apple and Microsoft have their own remote desktop tools. But it depends on you what you need. this option should not be your first choice. Let us know that Apple has a large-scale sales of a remote desktop program at a price of $ 79.99. But it’s really for IT professionals and network managers. On the other hand, if you want to connect one Mac to another Mac, then screen sharing can be a better option for you. You will not need to spend anything for this.For this you have to go to the system preference. After this, click Sharing and tick the screen sharing button. Now, go back to system preference, go to iCloud section and click on Back to My Mac. After setting this up, you can access your original Mac from another MacOS machine that is signed in your old iCloud account. Now open Finder and go to the share section of the sidebar. Now find your home computer in this section, click it and select the share screen.Screen sharing works great for Mac devices. This makes the process of accessing your Apple computer from any other operating system to a bit complicated. When you move to MacOS from Windows and other devices using this method, then you will need some advanced networks for this. Instead, you can use third party remote desktop tools.

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